Am I being greedy? I just want a gift for Christmas.....

    I love buying gifts and think I’ve done super. Lots of enjoyable gifts neither guessed  or expected. I haven’t had a birthday gift or Christmas gift in three years. I don’t expect a diamond. I just want to be worth thinking of. I gave Dave the credit card and told him it was up to him to pick out and order and he said he would just give me money! Jeepers! It’s a common account!

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    you are not being greedy. People just love something for themselves at times. You know it's great to love yourself, and for others to show it too, for you. Gifts area great way.

    It's a common account, hahahaha!
    I don't know what not to say.

    MJAZ, you’re new here. David is my lazy, worthless, self centered charge. I do everything but have the energy. David does nothing more than what he did for his dead wife. I want him to pick me out a gift and purchase it. Brain exercises. He can do it but he’s melodramatic. Won’t work on himself for the better. I’m taking him to a shrink on Friday. I’m tired and not looking foreword to even more work as he digresses. His stroke was in 2014, he won’t try to overcome his disabilities. At all and I know better. Thanks for letting me bitch. A rare luxury. I feel better now......

    New? Really jh? Some of us here have long memories, very long memories. Some of us also remember lots and lots of details. Hmmmmmm.......

    I did! I bought another spinning wheel! A nice one..... thanks for saying......

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    Sounds like you should treat yourself to something nice for a change Julie.


    ....greedy? it sounds like you cared for others, not yourself will be rewarded when and where it really counts

    It's not being greedy, more like needy. No offense meant, but do you want a gift just for the sake of having a gift, or do you want someone to care about you/your feelings enough to be thoughtful?

    David was all about himself in his marriage; expecting him to be thoughtful of a caregiver/friend seems out of his wheelhouse. 

    If people like or care about you they generally show it with presents,,if they do not then they do not give is a bit like getting a kick in the teeth,,but something i learnt at an early age,,mostly i find the problem is me,,so i just suck it up and say stiff..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 

    I think it's ok to want to feel like you're having a Christmas 


    On the way...get them quick before Shutterstock takes them back!   :)



    Perhaps you could buy him something to create a gift for you.....give him a deadline of say....Valentine's Day?


    Honey,he has his left hand only and his foot. Therapy would improve this but he refuses. He’s not putting himself out for something as energy burning as creating a gift. No imagination, no sense of giving, creating more work for me and can say simply l’M SORRY then back to the TV...

    jhharlan my sister's husband is something like that.  He claims he does not like celebrating Christmas.  So my sister told me yesterday that she used his credit card and bought herself a bunch of gifts off QVC and for others too.  And told him thank you. I was at their house and he just shrugged his shoulders.  Well what can you do.  Don't get frustrated. Appreciate the good in him, forget the bad.  If he wants to go to therapy good.  If not, that's ok too.  Be happy yourself, my dear!!!  My theory is, if I'm walking, talking, breathing and driving, every day is a great day.

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