Is the president of our United States of America, doing a better or worst job than you expected, after almost a year?

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    He is doing as I expected. That being the worst things he can do to the US. It is going to take a while to undo the damage he is doing to this country. He and republicans are correct when they say that they want everyone in to be wealthy. They just don't tell you they are going to do it by starving everyone who is not rich already. He will be a one term Resident.

    .... I have mixed feelings 

    ....he takes action but stirs things with his tweets 

    .... I appreciate his challenge of the media


    Benethere, I think a lot of people have mixed feelings.

    You’re wrong, tabs, I don’t have mixed feelings at all. Didn’t like the man in his reality TV heyday, didn’t like him when he was running. A disgrace to real women, to  Puerto Rico (it’s an island in biggly water), to out national monuments, to women’s rights and recognition for being free and equal and able to decide for themselves what they thoughtfully have decided be it birth control, an emergency abortion, equal pay, and not dreading putting up with being groped because they are only women.....


    well said.
    terryfossil 1

    If you cannot find a positive about him,i would say you are very one eyed..even hitler done some good things..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I don't know why anyone would use Hitler in a conversation about President Trump, terry, but i agree with the assessment of this answer.
    But, of course, I defend the right to voice an opinion.
    terryfossil 1

    @ Bob,it was more about finding something good about someone you believe to be bad..nobody is all bad..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Terry, if you look at Obama's record, you can see where the notion of a 21st century Hitler originates. He issued many executive orders that were illegal, and goes about now, following President Trump, attempting to undermine his agenda. No former President has ever had such a problem shutting up, butting out, and riding off into the sunset.

    All things considered, America is heading in a better direction than it was for the last 8 years. If the Democrats in Congress voted on issues instead of party lines, we'd be in even better shape. 

    President Trump has stayed true to his campaign promises, and those promises got him elected, in spite of the adversity from everywhere. I thank God daily Clinton lost 

    I think he's doing just fine. For once there is a leader carrying out his manifesto promises. 


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