For 2017, is your Christmas going to be noisy with people, or quiet with just the cat, dog, bird, husband, wife or friend?

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    Lunch with the boy and grandkids and hurry back home to peace and quite..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..



    Benthere, great for you!!! Merry Christmas!!!

    Mine will be quiet with all the gifts I’ve bought being introduced to the receiver, some sort of meal, a fire if the temps are below 80 degrees F., forcing David to eat and/or play with his gifts. I think I’ll take a nap. I won’t hear from family, old friends possibly, but nothing will surprise me.......

    There will be noise - 7 grandchildren - and lots of good food. Then, they will leave, and it will be quiet until I go to my friend's for dinner. 

    Looking forward to it.


    Lots of good food and then dinner on top of that? Would make me sick. lol

    Breakfast at 11. Dinner at 6

    Quiet, unless I get invited to "a place of noise" which could happen. I really prefer to spend Christmas in a quiet, reflective state although that can depend a lot on the people who surround me. Sometimes I enjoy the noise and when I was younger, I loved it.....the more the merrier. Now it just tires me out. Getting old I guess.    :)

    I changed my answer to option # 1 b/c I am going to be next door at my significant other's daughter's house. And her daughter is coming from Colorado with her husband and 2 little kids ( she's pregnant again ) And there will be my neighbor's other grandchildren there and quite a few adults. I really enjoy the kids and they're not too noisy, but it will be a full house.


    Quiet most of the time. Boxing day might be noisier when we visit my niece,  she has teenage sons .

    Mine will be quiet as I do not celebrate Christmas. Since it's a holiday, though, friends are coming over for dinner.  The guys will watch football and the women will do an art project.

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