Ever buy one (or more) of those prepackaged meals? You know, all the ingredients and you do the work?

    I signed up because the food is excellent, gets me into the kitchen and busy with the outcome, delicious and as homemade as it could get. No measuring, no guessing, just chop,bake,fry and serve. About $9 a plate and very enough. Am I lazy? No! I’ve wracked my brains for what to cook and cook how? Everybody is happy and that’s worth a few bicks to me....  What do you think? We can’t all be CB.........

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    No. I'm a scratch cooker. I enjoy trying new recipes or ideas from wherever they come.....magazines, internet, television, a friend. It's fun to see if they will actually taste as great as they look.

    Sure. Why not ? 

    It would be fun to try many from which to choose, but not something I've done...yet. 

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