"Natural Born Killers". Which would you be the most afraid of?

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    TBH none of them at all right now my biggest fear is making it through another day !


    Hope you are well?
    Always good to know you're still around.

    Hi Daren. Don't stay away for so long.

    No were back for the winter now !

    I live on a big island, it's really only the people that are poisonous here.



    Ever thought of trying yourself?
    For Congress I mean. ;)
    It seems to be a constant pain in the a** for you.

    ....wouldn't it be great to serve and not be served
    ....and be honest
    ....prefer to work quietly behind the scenes and not entertain the public or seek attention
    terryfossil 1

    You got my attention Benny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    There were so many, I got tired after about the 20th one. I'm most reluctant of the insects and arachnids. The others are not likely to cross my path. 

    Man o war! They were real bad one summer when daddy had us via visitation. We always camped on the beach. That’s neither here nor there however, we all were swimming and dodging the “blue jellyfish“ whanmy dad went under and came back up in a school of man o war and was wrapped from head to feat in the tentacles. We helped pick them off and took him to the ER. He had the scars through to his death 50 years later. Now a days I hear to treat the stings with meat tenderizer. Or pee on it.......

    I think this guy might bother me a bit,even if he is just nibbling on me for a taste..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Great White Shark Breaking The Surface In South Africa.

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