Thanksgiving is coming. What have you, to be thankful for?

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    I’m thankful for my mental health. it evaded me for 30 years but finally, something can be done about it. I’m alive and happy to be so, I’ve got lots going on and am happy because i do. I’m thankful fot what family I have left and for those close to me. I’m grateful for my mind and the way I think and for the security I have by doing so......


    ....God and so many blessings He has provided in our lives

    ....thankful everyday 

    ....Happy Thanksgiving to all

    i'm alive and most of my family members are doing pretty good. what I mean by good is roof over head, eating every day and have jobs.  a few are wealthy and doing very very good. so i'm thankful for my family, even tho a few members I still pray for a lot.  like my baby brother, but he just started working for Walmart last week.  2 more kids i'm still concerned about, but i'm praying and helping when I can.

    Thankful to have found Jesus and a wife and remained sober for the last 30 odd years..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I'm thankful  that I survived cancer almost 11 years ago. And I'm thankful  that my step-daughter survived cancer almost 12 years ago.

    Thankful to live in the USA , good neighbors , and friends. The right to protect myself, home , and family with firearms if needed.

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