In a forum I am involved in The question" has anyone had severely ingrown toenail treated at urgent care?" Am I missing something? Like an infected ingrown toenail being urgent? Am I crazy??

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    clu you are not crazy. I worked with a man named Bob. He got a ingrown toe nail infection and almost died. Any infection can become serious if not treated correctly. Infection does in so many people.  36,000 a year just from the flu that turns into a bacterial infection. Some people have had limbs amputated because of infection getting out of control.  A paper cut can get you.  If I get a scratch or something I put that antibiotic gel on it like it's no tomorrow. The reggae singer Bob Marley had a sore on his foot that turned to cancer and he died from that. so you're not crazy, you are smart!  I worked with gang kids for a few years. they laughed regarding how serious infections can be. I brought video to work and we watched.  It showed how a minor cut turned into a fast moving infection and how they had to have arms and legs cut off.  It scared them a little.  It scared me too..


    people with diabetes have to be especially careful with a cut or an infection on their feet / foot b/c they could lose their foot or their leg.And they have to be careful when trimming their toenails so they don't get a nick or cut. Before the days of antibiotics, infection was the leading cause of death. Plus , even nowdays if MRSA gets into an infection, antibiotics might not help it. And Tabber, years ago my dad's best friend's brother got an injury on his shin that turned into cancer and he died at 40. He was a cop and was chasing a criminal up over a fence.

    ....maybe, a matter of pain/infection  and unable to walk without help

    I think people that go to urgent care clinics who don't have anything that needs urgent care, do so b/c they don't have a regular family Dr to go to . So when the chips are down, especially at night, they go to whomever will see them. Plus, your family Dr. cannot see you at night or weekends, b/c he /she has bankers hours. 

    Urgent does not have to be life threatening. Urgent care clinics relieve ERs from less critical cases for less cost while performing triage assessments. I have seen EMS respond to Urgent care clinics as well as Primary care Doctor's offices.

    I’ve been reading first. I love tabber’s answer. Of course people die from infectios. I’m diabetic so i have to be careful. Aside from that, I know pain. It’s awful and can be so bad that an ER visit is needed. Nothing is rediculous about pain. Teeth can be a culprit as well. walk in their shoes ......


    I'm diabetic too. And I recently had two teeth removed.

    no kidding. hope we all avoid infections for a long long time. Dr. Oz told audience he did not like to see women wear high boots or tight underwear because it hurt the small blood vessels in the leg and could cause blood clots. my father had his leg cut off because of blood clot. his Kaiser doctor told me and my sister, that's what most people die from, blood clots. so stand up every hour if you sit a lot. put feet up on chair if you can, when sitting. get exercise like walking, and not too much sugar, it scrapes blood vessels.

    So she tells me as I sit here with my iPad.....

    jhharlan, I feel the same way. I sit down a lot too, with my ipad, but you know misery loves company.

    One would think a person would schedule an appointment for an ingrown toenail. The pain does not overwhelm one so quickly as to necessitate an ER visit. 


    Some may not have an established PCP. Some may not have insurance. Pain tolerance varies.

    My point is, an ingrown toenail takes time, the discomfort grows.
    We all have insurance- mandated by former Emperor Obama. I personally paid an insurance premium 300% higher under Obama care than previously. Surely, that gouging socialism benefitted someone with an ingrown toenail!

    I just had my big toenail surgically removed because it was infected. The podiatrist told me that Jim Henson, (of Muppets fame), waited too long for pretty much the same thing. He had a red streak going up his leg, he kept on working and that's how he ended up dying.


    Staph infection, I believe....

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