Wow! What a story out of australia. I wasn't expecting an ending like this. Read it all the way through!

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    Call me a pessimist but that was an extremely long article written to prove how wonderful those Dobermans are. The parents were way too trusting by putting an abused Doberman with their child, after having just brought this animal into their home a few days previous. I think that's plain crazy! I hope "their luck" continues.


    I agree.Even a dog that wasn't abused can't be trusted. When I started to read the article, I thought the worse. I know and so do you, that a duck and a dog can get along very well ( if the dog isn't starved), from my previous post, if you remember. LOL!

    I remember. lol
    terryfossil 1

    The alternative to their LUCK Duck,,No dog,kid gets bitten,,kid dies...regardless of what happens in the future,,the family has already won..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Not quite as deadly as they are making out Clonge,,and the Mulga or King Brown does not belong to the Brown Family of snakes,it really belongs to the Black family..given the choice between the King Brown or the Taipans,i would happily take the King Brown have about 4 hours to get treatment for a king Brown..if you do not go running around like a chook with it's head cut an Inland Taipan,that's a whole lot of different story..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..                                                                                                                                  Venom / Bite

    They are considered to be Australia’s most widespread venomous snake species. Although they have been responsible for human deaths, their bite isn't usually fatal to humans. This is due to the fact that their venom although highly toxic is less potent than the venom of taipan snakes, tiger snakes, or the common brown snake. 

    The LD50 value in mice is "only" around 2.38 mg/kg subcutaneous. But in order to compensate for lower venom toxicity, they inject large amounts of it by hanging on and chew on the victim when they bite.

    ?They have 2 grooved fangs in the front of its mouth from which the venom flows.
    It's believed to be the species that causes the most number of venomous snake bites in Australia. 

    By comparison on average milking, a tiger snake produces around 10 to 40 mg of venom while a king brown snake may inject up to 150 mg of venom in a single bite. They have the largest recorded venom output of any snake species.

    If threatened or harassed, the king brown snake usually flattens its neck, spreading it into a hooded shape, nest it raises its body into an S shape and if necessary it will strike very rapidly. Normally venomous snakes will only attack or bite humans if disturbed or threatened, but King brown snakes have bitten people who were asleep at the time of the bite. 

    ?Their venom is mostly haemotoxic breaking down blood cells and damaging muscles, and only mildly neurotoxic occasionally causing ptosis, drooping of the upper eyelids.

    A King Brown snake bite causes hemorrhaging, muscle weakness, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea,  lightheadedness and headaches, mild paralysis. and kidney damage or even renal failure.

    Despite their common name they do in fact belong to the black snake genus Pseudechis, therefore should antivenom be required Black snake antivenin is used to treat their bites. In case of a suspected bite from a King brown urgent medical attention is required.

    Nasty creature, the king brown, I will never forget the time I nearly stepped on one.

    Tear jerker. I suppose now you want us to go grab a sheltered dog. And a Doberman no less. Sorry but my three cats rule the roost. And I’ve believed every mad dog story, dobs aren’t high on my give a chance list.....

    Clonge about a dingo?
    terryfossil 1

    The word Dingo used to refer to a coward,,but nowadays dingoes are not as scared of humans as they used to be..but if trained right,they make very intelligent dogs,but the law does not allow you to just go and get a Dingo..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1

    Check out this little guy fellas..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    that's why I don't have a dog , b/c this house belongs to my cats.
    terryfossil 1

    MCM,your cats come up against this little guy,your cats would be gone guy.:):):) .>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....the article was interrupted by an advertisement and did not continue 


    I scrolled down until it shows "Continue Reading".

    ....finally, after punching it several times, I finished the incredible story

    a doberman ran across the street and bit my brother in the calf unprovoked when he was in the 9th grade. I think that dog was abused, b/c I know the man  abused his son who was a classmate of mine. The boy eventually went to a school for emotionally disturbed youths. And he died when he was a young adult.

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