What job, in your opinion, would be the worst job ever?

    Describe the one that no amount of money would entice you to do it or train to do it.

    My choice....anything to do with this!  Cleaning...fixing...Ick.


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     I could not fathom being the person who euthanizes dogs, cats and other animals at the pound.

    I know it's necessary to put an animal to sleep if its suffering from a terminal disease or it has been abused to the point where it suffers from severe brain damage or rabies or the animal is a threat to other human beings.

    But....I do NOT want to be responsible for euthanizing a beautiful creature because someone no longer wants to accept the responsibility of taking care of a beloved pet or an animal that is having very bad luck.



    I agree and I am against hunting ( killing ) deer and other animals.
    country bumpkin

    You just made me hungry for Venison. :))

    venison is good but a lot of hunters wound the deer and let it run around so they can track it. That's part of the game.My neighbor was smiling when he told people he was tracking a deer he shot.

    @MCM Your friend is NOT a hunter! I know none of the hunters I am friends with would do this to wound an animal!
    That is disgusting and cruel

    @clu...I've known lots of hunters and I've never heard of such a thing being considered "part of the game". I have heard of a deer or moose being clipped by a bullet, getting up and running. In that case, they try to follow it and shoot it, rather than let a wounded animal die in agony. Maybe that's what she overheard?

    I think collecting money on the Bay Bridge.  It would be nice saying hello to all the people, but it would not be nice breathing all that auto exhaust.

    ....roofing houses


    Yes, Ben, that would be hard, sweaty , dangerous work.

    The worst thing about a job that I can think of is; not being able to find one, having the mail come every day delivering bills that one cannot pay, being in need of basic necessities that one cannot attain, seeing your children go without while the media flaunts excess . . .

    The cleaner of outhouses.....


    or septic tanks

    Someone we know cleans septic tanks! He says some people hate the smell! He says he only smells green money! LOL

    Explore caves!

    I wouldn't want to be a waitress, but I admire them and give them a lot of credit. They have to balance all those plates on their arm and take all the complaints from the customers and the kitchen staff and have the owner or manager b**** at them. They have to know the price of everything and make out the bills correctly .......adding on the tax.

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