Which do you do most, watch TV or listen to the radio?

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    .... iPad & tv, when I am in the mood

    TV. I just kind of vegging in front of the therapy box. I even use my iPad in front of it.  I’ve downloaded tv show to my pad.  TV aholic........


    me too.

    TV...lots to learn....documentaries, cold cases, politics, etc.

    TV first ,computer 2nd..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Watch TV

    T V muted...surfing the web for things that I need or want to know about...and listening to my favorite music on the surround sound system........                                                                                                               is that multi tasking or is it just me??.....or me multi matter....I'm happy doing it like that!!


    I have been listening to music playing from one of the tv channels this past week because there have been lots of fireworks being popped off and the pops scare the dog. Unfortunately, the music isn't loud enough to drown out the noise.

    T V .......b/c there's no good music or talk shows on the radio in the Detroit area. But, they play good music on the stations in Northern Michigan 

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