What NERVE! "When the 'chips' are down, blame someone else!" This "made my day". What do you think?

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    I don't have the time to watch a 20-minute video of Judge Judy.

    Here's an idea. Why don't  you give us a  brief synopsis of your own.

    Oh, clonge, you come up with some of the cleverest  stuff but alas, I don’t spend 15 minutes here let alone 20. I got the gists, yep, she burgled the home. To top off leaving her car where they’d normally park. Sure, I’d like to see the whole thing. Maybe my next trip to the loo.......

    Ok. Defendant was in a hurry,and needed to park near we she works. She parked in a driveway of a home, thinking that her friend still lived there, she didn't. The new party was starting to move in, and encountered this strange car in their driveway. No note was left in the window. New party tried very hard to find out who the car belonged to, and left the house. They couldn't find out who the owner was. Meanwhile, the dumb driver, breaks into the house, finds the owner's key to the Jeep that's blocking her in. She had waited a long time for them to return, even eating a bag of chips. She moves the jeep so she can et out. Owners come home, find door locked from inside, call cops  about break in. Many months later,  moron tells story to woman, who happens to be sister of owner. She and boyfriend sue for and get judgment of $5,000, and want her criminally charged. The family was terrified until they found out who it was. She was indignant and incorrigible right to the end.

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