Hello old friends

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    Hello there Vinny.

    Will you be hangin' around this time?

    Hi! How are you?


    Hey Vinny! All settled Welcome back!


    Southern Ohio is hilly and beautiful

    Glad you're back! I didn't even realize that you were gone (lol)!

    You're back?


    country bumpkin

    LMAO.....I think he may be lonely. :((

    Dont you look at me that way! You look good with the facial work though!

    Ye mate, the hair hides the wrinkles, good to see you around, although I know you won't stay.;(

    About time. A person's feelings could get hurt were it any longer.....


    G'day mate, hope you just popping in for more than a handshake..????.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Good to see ya Vin!

    Good to see you return. 

    Vinny great to see you're living your life, no matter what!!!

    Hi ya'll

    Yes, full retirement, left beautiful California for the beautiful Cincinnati Ohio area. We bought a beautiful home in OH that we could have never afforded in CA. We have family here.   I get bored at times but I always find a 'todo'  

    Good to see you all.  I am having trouble with the  app, I'm  using android, maybe its got bugs. I rarely go to laptop or desktop.   You'll probably see lots of spelling errors because i cant type well on a virtual kbd. 


    WTF is a virtual kbd?

    ??A monster key board????

    Long time no hear, Vinny - Welcome Back.   :}

    Hello Vinny, I was just thinking about you the other day. Glad you came back to akaqa. And glad you moved home to your family in Ohio. You won't regret it.

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