Is make-up on the way out.?

    I see sssooo many women without a stitch of make-up on. I still wear powder and some cover stick , b/c I am pale by nature ; and b/c my eyebrows aren't that great without it.Is it considered to be anti womens' lib or something, to wear it, or do you think women are just too busy today with working full time and raising their kids.

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      I can't imagine makeup ever being on its way out.

     I  began wearing makeup when I was a teenager and I used it almost every day up until my mid-forties when I began tapering off a bit.  

    I  think I wore makeup because it made me feel pretty and I thought I needed it. However, I have been blessed with a perfect complexion and therefore I don't need to wear makeup. 

     Nowadays, I wear makeup on special occasions like when we were invited to a surprise birthday party last month.

     My opinion is that wearing makeup every day probably does more harm to the face than good even if it's expensive makeup. 

     Keeping my face clean and well moisturized works well for me. 


    I tapered off too. I haven't worn liquid make-up for years......or blusher. I used to be a fanatic about wearing blusher everyday . I don't wear powder everyday like I used to, but I always put on my eyebrows and wear lipstick.

    P.S. I don't see women wearing lipstick much anymore, but noticed that my g. friend was wearing a barely imperceptible peach colored lipstick when we went downtown to see Paul McCartney .
    country bumpkin

    I love lipstick. I do wear a bit of tinted lip gloss occasionally because I like the taste (LOL) and the way it makes my lips feel.
    How do you put on eyebrows? Do you glue them on or draw them on, were you not born with them? My daddy did not have any eyelashes. LOL

    I do my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil- - - artistically and they don't look drawn on . wife uses very little 

    ....frankly, l don't pay that much attention to makeup 

    ....whatever makes the ladies feel pretty 


    that's a good answer :-) For the purpose of discussion, why does she wear very little make-up ?

    ....she sweats it off playing tennis

    LOL. I love to play tennis too, but don't have anybody to play it with :-\

    Image result for without makeup celebritiesImage result for without makeup celebrities                                                Beyonce and Madonna say "Definitely not!"!"

    I believe woman want to give their skin a rest some times.  Maybe a little bit about being busy. I personally can not see women ever giving of makeup. You can produce  so many fantastic looks with makeup.  When women get dressed up, they have on plenty of eye makeup, etc.


    I guess they only wear make-up when they get dressed up .

    I don't know how to even apply makeup. Honestly. But I've got good skin......


    you are blessed.

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