Las Vegas! Even the NRA feels the devise used should be banned! What do you think?


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    I feel it should be banned and a lot of guns along with it.  I do believe in people having guns for protection. However, it is way out of control.  Countries where they limit gun consumption have less gun incidents. We need to be a lot stricter. But I heard today that the NRA is pushing for bills to permit guns in bars, churches, college campuses and every where else in society. I can see I'll be watching TV more and venturing out of my house less. And plus, people get mad over anything nowadays, and if they have a gun in their pocket, holy moly.


    I couldn't agree more. We have such an angry society now. Everyone is "offended" by something everyday it seems. When we Canadians go to the U.S., we assume that every one has a gun (for protection or in case they get offended) in their glove compartment or their home. Very sad way to live.

    Ducky, what can we citizens do? Seriously.

    It seems too late to do anything now. So many guns in so many places in the U.S., as though everyone, everywhere thinks it normal. The NRA has been screaming about "rights" for decades and they keep winning. Who's "winning" now. :((((


    We could try but it looks simple enough to be made by hand if someone were desperate enough. And trump cut mental health help. Not that it would have helped in this case. The man was a special kind of crazy.....


    I can't make sense of his agenda! But to be able to buy this devise is crazy! I know many of these things can be made but why did he do this??

    Did he hate country music? Or is he just a nutcase who could kill and did?

    Apparently the 'bump stop' can be replaced with a paper clip.

    People have to accept that death by firearms is a fact of life (or death).

    Fingers on triggers is what kills people. Guns don't fire themselves. Guns are not the problem. Insanity is the problem. The mental health act needs to be instigated and reformed to bring more compassion and understanding into a field of study that is currently led by big pharma and social stygmata!

    Mental health facilities must be re-established and the whole mental health field needs reform.

    However, people have the capacity to hide a mental illness for years and years and we have many examples of this in our world like Dalmers and Bundy and Raider ... all insane in one way or another so we have this conundrum in society wherein we are really, truthfully speaking, unable to discern who among us is capable of this kind of an insane act.

    Yes there should probably be limitations placed on gun owners as to how many and what calibre guns they are allowed to own or purchase but as we have seen ... it only takes one.

    As for the question at hand ... well Jules said it all above... these devices can be home made ... what a world.

    Plus ... if a whacko wants to kill there are many ways aside from guns ... ghastly but true.

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    a lot of murders wouldn't have happened if the gun wasn't there.

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