Not too many views on youtube. Amazing, isn't it, considering we are about 6 years old?

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    Close to 7 years old, geez I miss some of the folks on that video.

    It's quiet now but there are still good folk around.

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    kids grow up my step- grandchildren and my niece and nephew.

    You got that right MCM! You know my little Stormy is 19! Already!! Oh my gosh ... and Merry Christmas to you Julia and a very Happy New Year 2019 ! xox Lindi Lou :)

    Clonge, thanks for talking about you-tube video. I did not know it existed. I just watch it. Very good!!!


    Just've been a star all of these years without knowing it!


    ....and change


    nothing stays the same. Benjamin Franklin said, " the only two things that are certain are death and taxes "

    Thanks Clonge,i did not know it existed,i guess Colleen should be thanked for putting it up,this was put up in Feb 2012,i did not join until dec 2012,so i missed out on being a star,,i watched the whole thing and enjoyed the whole thing,interesting to see who is still here and who is not for one reason or another, all seemed to speak very highly of the site and people on it,yet still left,,i promise you all this,when and if i leave,i will tell you why...i am not a touchy feely gushi person,but if i was,i would echo the sentiment of former and present members..TU members of AKA,and may we outlast the internet..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Six years. Six years. I don’t remember being in my fifties when I started. Time flies, heals wounds, is forever, is on my side. Still love everybody! Imagine!

    I look at it every now and then. I just looked at it the other day before Clonge mentioned it. 

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