Irma. A real monster in every sense of the word. Lots of talk it's God's rath....

    like trump in office or his supportperson congegrated in the hard ht places. Gayness comes in here somewhere. Me, I'm taking a religious cue and holding on:  Jesus states that rain will fall on the just as will it fall on the unjust....

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    I must say the fires make me nervous. it was burning in woodside, ca today. about 20 minutes from me, a high income area. but nature does not care. a lot of this is what the Bible predicted. Revelations. if I was a minister, I would have a lot to talk about.  God bless us all.

    My son recently moved to Georgia. The eye of the storm is supposed to pass directly over where he lives. His uncle is on his way to purchase a generator just in case.


    Hoping your son stays safe cb.
    country bumpkin

    Thank you so much, Dave.

    ....II Peter 3:5-7

    ....the next time will be by fire


    Next time? By fire? Good lord, honey! The entire western US is burning as I type.....

    jhharlan, you are not kidding. I got caught going to Stockton, ca on day and there was a grass fire on the side of the freeway. police cars, etc. nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. I thought that was it for me, so I called a few family members and said I hope I see you again. now if I see any smoke ahead I get the heck off the freeway. it's scary believe me. and what's so killing about it you always see people throwing cigarette lit buts on the ground.

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