Is New York next ???

    My guess is within 10 days, New York or the upper east coast could get a direct heavy hit. 

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    3 Answers do you board up Trump Tower ?


    Build a WALL!


    Dunno. The news weather has her veering wesr. Georgia and Alabama seems to have something to look forward to. Keep that pace up then Texas could suffer once more even if only rain... may it push my way, I can use more. My cotton exploded with Harvey rain.....


    It happened again but I think I've got the problem straightened out. Shouldn't happen again....

    I have heard bad things happening to New York for a while now, being on the coast. even predictions of earthquakes.  Continents have changed over the centuries. Even San Francisco is predicted to go under water. Scary. My dad what the greatest carpenter and foundation man. He worked for White Cliff Home Builders for over 30 years.  They said he worked like 5 men and was the best in the business. they even called for his advice after he retired. Well, he use to lift sliding doors and parts of people's houses up after earthquakes or bad weather. The houses would sink a few inches, in foster City, which is an area on fill. I pray ever time I go there or by Candlestick Park and the 101 freeway near there, which is fill also. Experts say this filled area is likely to go under water after shaky quakes. Well, I guess we live, we pray and be happy every day. (Hey you guys, that's poetry.)

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