Is Florida next ?

    Looks like it, With another right behind it. Catagory 5 now, it will decrease as it comes closer to US next several days. There is no wind shear at upper atmosphere , so it will build up. 

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    Roy and I are keeping tabs on it.  It's heartbreaking to see all the destruction in Texas and Louisana that Hurricane Harvey has left behind.   Hopefully, Hurricane Irma will not do as much damage.

    They reckon Irma could also hit Texas,,let us hope not..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....God is in charge

    terryfossil 1

    So what are you saying Benny..????God is in charge of the death and destruction..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....yes, one day we will understand's knowledge and understanding are limited compared to God's infinite wisdom and creation

    Irma, cat 5, and two more brewing in the gulf.  What a season! I just hope it's all settled down by October.  Can't post to let y'all know, no internet on the ship! Keep me in the thoughts......

    City planners, city planners! where art thou? It is my understanding from shows I have watched and listened to, that these city infrastructures are not being planned out correctly. It's been debated in local government, but ignored. Too many buildings, parking lots etc. keep being built, yielding no place for water to drain. Now I live in Silicon Valley in California.  They are putting buildings up like mad men.  We already have a little flooding in some areas when it rains. Plus buildings are getting taller in an earthquake prone area, where most buildings were only about 2 storages 10 or fifteen years ago. Maybe we should contact our congress representatives. ha ha. but that's what I'm going to do. When I worked on the 32nd floor of Embarcadero One in San Francisco, a man told me that the owners of that building would not even come to visit the buildings because they were scared of earthquakes. However San Francisco is loaded with skyscrapers.  "Money, money, money, money".  That's a song by The Ojays.

    I have family in Florida, so I am worried. My sister left Florida but my nephew is still there! Some of my sisters neighbors stayed so I hope they ALL are safe!

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