So this is it guys

    Time to say Abyssinia.

    It's been a really wonderful journey,but sadly the cancer is unstoppable and is consuming my body.

    I want to say thank you to all of my friends here on AKA with a special mention to a couple of you.

    C.B. Thank you so much for your support & the love you have sent me from so far away,I hope you & Roy enjoy many happy,joyfull years together.You deserve it.

    Dear Ducky.It has been a joy to me to banter with you But I have always known that we were kindred spirits and it was all in fun.

    Remember the great "DUCT" tape debate.Hahaha!

    On an even more personal note,every thing I have ever said about my wonderful wife Maggie And my family is true.I have been sooo blessed.

    All of you know who I consider as friends .(I hope).This site has been a real boon for me.

    So long pals.


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    So sorry Tam....

    Your friend...


    Thtay thtrong!

    Let's see if I can keep the melodram out of this, you've earned your share of tears. But I will not cry or be caught doing so....  You have always been so special in your own way, I've enjoyed evey post you've made as well as the lessons bestowed unto us. Chin up while you can though my own is quivering. Than you for visiting my state and sharing with me. You've fed my ego as well as taught me so much. Peace to you, Tom. 

    Oh Tommy, it saddens me so much to read this message from you. It amazes me that people can become friends, even though they are thousands of miles apart but that, my friend, certainly is true of our special kinship. I too enjoyed our banter and laughed out loud many times because of your great humor. The way you spoke of your family was endearing to me as well. I love you Tommyh and I'll never look at "DUCK" tape again without thinking of you.

    I do not know really what to say.  I think you already know what a huge blessing you have been in my life, Tom.

    I have kept my fingers crossed that you would overcome this monstrous disease, but in the back of my mind, I knew better (and maybe most of us did also, but there is nothing wrong with hoping, being positive and having faith).

    I will never ever ever forget you Tommyh. You will always hold a dear place in my heart. I love you.

     The  Edinburgh Fireworks were absolutely amazing just like I thought they would be. They were breathtaking!   I dedicate this to you, Tommyh.  I love you.  


    ....God bless you on your next journey 

    Nuff said Tom..from one Aussie to another..sorry to have never had a drink with you..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

    Love you Tommy! Hugs and kisses FOREVER


    God bless you Tommy. You are one very brave man.its always been good to share your  views and opinions.

    God bless your family.

    Going to miss you Mate, it was a pleasure to know you, even thou you are a Banana Bender.  :)

    May peace be with you Tommy. I shall pray for you and for your family.

    Wow Tommyh .... this is a neverending journey brotherman ... we'll all see you on the other side sooner or later ... peace and cool runnings friend. BIG Love and a Bigfoot hug XOXOX Lindi Lou

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