Jerry Lewis passed away August 20, 2017

    I found out tonight (August 22, 2017) that Jerry Lewis has died. The Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis movies remain to be my favourite black and white comedy films. Jerry raised millions of dollars for Muscular Dystrophy and this will be a big part of his legacy. How can a man who has been so well-loved for his comedic skills and his compassion to help raise money for MS be such a pr**k?  Any thoughts???

    Do you accept this explanation?

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    I learned of his death the morning of. Should have posted it here. Guess I was shocked a bit, he was a go getter who didn't know when to stop. I understand the first interveiw, the man was tired and the questions were just a repeat, redundant, unnecessary.  Something original would have been welcomed I'm sure. But then, I'm not a wealthy, busy and clamered for comedian. He's at rest now.....

    This movie summed up the real man...............


    Loved him in the Deano movies too.


    ....God bless him

    it goes to show how multi-dimensional humans are, plus he was a handsome man in his younger years.

    country bumpkin

    For sure. :)

    I remember seeing him in films in the 50s, he was a great comedian. Daft, but very funny.

    country bumpkin

    He was a crack-up. :)

    They do not make comedians like that anymore..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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