Do you think so much Artificial Intelligence is going to hurt job prospects for the near future?

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    It will and already has,but i guess other jobs will be created,,the way of the future is going too fast for the average person to keep up,,when they talk of jobs these days,they say the average person will have up to 10 to 20 different jobs in there lifetime,,gone are the days when you started and retired with the same company,,i do not believe that to be a good thing..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....yes, and unions, social security plus immigration 

    ....I bet our government is trying to figure out a way to tax robots


    that's pretty funny!

    I think automation is really hurting the work force, and even the military. I know a guy who's in the air force and he is learning to fly the bombers. He said he won't be flying them very long, b/c they're going to be flown by computers in the future.

    Perhaps with the exceptions of the people who operate them. We can just collect unemployment and gripe in the bars. Read books, watch tv, grow cotton.....


    To collect unemployment you first have to be employed!

    Just to let you know , a cotton farmer now has to farm about 3500 acres to make any money . Then there are the farmers farming to claim insurance money .

    Oh, man. I only have three rows and short ones at that....

    For sure! Computers and their operators will have total control! Hal was a friend!


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