Animal abuse or not?

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    @ Clonge. You should post some background information instead of just throwing a video at us without any explanation of the circumstances etc.


    Hungry dogs are being fed so this is a good thing, but there is not enough food for all of those dogs and what the heck are they eating?

    Why are there so many dogs?

    Why are they kept in such cramped conditions? The poor dogs are living in a cement cage.  

    Where is the grass?

    Where is their freedom? 

    Where is the love?



    country bumpkin

    Not helpful but I do like the BEP's

    Point well-taken. I thought there was enough of a tease to get people to click on the post and possibly watch the video. To date, there have been 108 views.

    Obviously, many are not starving. They seem totally uninterested in 'fighting' for food. They just want to play with the other dogs. They also do not look the least bit undernourished. Who? What? Where? Why?

    Gosh I'm torn. A well trained dog is supposed to be a happy dog but this video made me sad. Made me recall a certain dog we adopted from the pound; a 100 lb. lab. Whoever had the dog before us had trained David Jean to the hilt. He would not eat from his food bowl, no matter how hungry, before you instructed him to do so. Would not bug you whil you were eating, would not sit and drool, wouldn't even eat from a person's hand! The dog truly broke my heart. He would crin if you so much as raised a hand. Cowed, sweet dog. We did him right, he got happy with us......


    My dogs have all been trained to sit quietly while I filled their food bowls. "Okay" was the magic word and none were ever hit nor abused. "Go and lie down" were the magic words for the dog to vacate their position under the dining table while we were eating. No hitting just good training with a firm voice. All happy, loving pets! In my opinion, this is no different from training a dog to refrain from jumping all over visiting guests or chewing up all of your shoes. Well behaved pets are a joy to be around....just like well behaved kids! :)

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