When will humans learn that yelling "get down" won't be even noticed by a cat?

    Thet are unafraid. What besides a water pistol is a good deterren?

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    .... I like our cat in the barn

    ....she likes to be brushed, not picked up


    she must be freezing her a- - - - off in the winter time. :-(

    ....she has a sleeping bag on foam rubber padding
    ....she is nearing 17 years old of her back rubs this morning, her tail has not frozen off in the winter

    Cats don't know anything about no or don't do that! Live with it!


    As long as they have their own agendas, forget about it! Image result for cat bird

    cats are so cool.

    I find that if I stomp my foot and make a hissing sound, Willow will quit scratching the furniture and run downstairs. 

    Our two don't get on the table when we are eating, if we say no firmly they stop. Although the boy is a bit more reluctant , he stops if I raise my voice. But, he will always grab me later when I pass walk past him.



    Cats do what they want,when they want,and how they want,,cute and cuddly but a mind of their own..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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