Should North Korea be met with "fire and fury"......

     believe it was Roosevelt that was quoted as saying "walk softly and carry a big stick"......

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    They have been aloud to build up to this over many years. The best thing that could happen is for the main powers in the world to stick together, give the fat boy one last warning to stop. If he carries on with his threats get rid of him first, China could do that , if they really wanted to.

    Failing that, if he and his followers continues to threaten The USA , there is no choice but to bomb the bast------s. 

    Yes, if they attack the U.S.

    Not an easy question to answer JH,nobody wants war,i think it is about when and who strikes first,,if we look at history,most of the world sat back while hitler was taking europe,,and now we are talking warheads,very different war,but the outcome is the same,,people always die in war no matter what side you are on..i believe most of the world including China have spoken against north korea,,and this north korean idiot does not seem to care.i think the rest of the world has 2 options.strike before this idiot does and maybe end it quick and be seen as the aggressor..or wait for him to attack and be seen as the defender,but a lot more people will die with that option..the option of talking peace to this idiot does not seem to be an option..however the right or wrong option will only be written in history..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..  


    Lots of food for thought, ter......

    jhharlan, absolutely and positively not.  We stupid grownups need to learn how to talk to each other. Tillison said the time is over to talk with North Korea. Even China's political leaders have been asking our leaders to take it easy, don't start a war. But President Trump is itching very badly to drop bombs on Korea. Lately Tillison has been trying to change his tune, by saying we are open to talks.  The leader of North Korea, Kim, said getting rid of nuclear war head can not be part of the deal.  Several analyst have said that Kim saw two countries give up nuclear development and was then attacked by The United States. The one we know about the best is Iraq. People need to call their congressmen and women and push for solutions other than warheads and killing people.  High level people have been trying to figure out some way to control population growth. War is one way. Also the money that will be made by the elite from selling war merchandise, bombers, air craft etc. is serious business. My advice our U.S leaders in office is . . . don't be like Bush, and start a war that nobody wants and nobody needs. Find some people that know how talk, listen and negotiate with other human beings, enough to not want to bomb them.  We the people have to help make history. Seriously!!! What can you do to prevent a nuclear nightmare?


    HEAR HEAR, well said my friend.
    You answered before me, I can't add anything to that.

    Walk softly and carry a big stick applies here....

    North Korea will meet their own destruction. Their way of life will soon self implode. It cannot continue in this path. At some point it will be hopeless, and he will say screw it, and launch a missle towards USA. What happens when a bank robber aims a gun at a police officer ????  My guess is he will launch a missle , without a weapon towards USA . Then what should we do? He is wanting us to destroy them . Because their way of life is gone. Have you ever seen a night photograph of North Korea, its dark . a last resort 

    I think it's just a lot of sabre rattling.  In the late 50s or early 60s, Khrushchev  said, " We will bury you " That scared a lot of Americans, but I think he said that just to scare us.

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