UK and France to ban gasoline and diesel cars from 2040. Reactions?

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    The roads are sure gonna be a lot quieter around here, hope I live to see it.

    terryfossil 1

    You might just live long enough Roy,i do not like my chances,,What?? you do not like the sound of a car with a torpedo resonator on it????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    The only sound you should hear from a car is the purr of the tires on the road IMO mate.
    terryfossil 1

    Only a seaman would say that..:):):),,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    If you want to get rid of noise, don't forget about motor cycles. They are the loudest and always travelling way over the speed limit!

    ....giddy up

    Interesting. Feel for those who collect antique cars. Jay Leno and his collection will be null and void. It being illegal to run the durn things. Unless one has a spec permit?

    Living in Michigan, we pay tax on our electric bill. Also Michigan charges more tax to liscense your car because they don't have to pay gas tax!  You will never beat the system!


    Just wondering-- What will happen to the old battery's when they won't charge anymore? Things are invented but no one ever thinks about how to dispose of the waste!

    But Michigan loves it when us Ohioans come up to get Michigan tags for trailers... My 30' gooseneck cost about $100 a year or $700 for permanent tags from Michigan, my small 16' car trailer cost me $42 a year or $75 for a permanent tag from Michigan.

    That will probably be great. But judging by the way they spend talking about every thing for twice  as long as they intended, it won't happen in my life time, if it does I won't be driving by then.


    Time will tell,without fossil fuels there is no money,and governments make a lot of their money from fuel taxes,,if they cannot get it there,they will increase income tax,,like i said,time will tell..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Charging electric vehicles may be free at the moment, but when they become common, there will be a tax applied to the charging. A way round this could be DIY charging from solar panels on the roof of your house.
    terryfossil 1

    So you are gonna have water solar and power solar for house and car,,you must have a big roof Nom..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Holy Cow! Does Jeremy Clarkson know about this?


    Electric cars may work in the UK but they would be hopeless over here.You would run out of electricity long before you ever got anywhere.

    One pretty much carries extra gas I would assume. Why not extra batteries?

    haha! No! there are plenty of gas stations out there Julie.I guess tha weight of the batteries would be a deterrant.

    Guess I'll go back to making biodiesel. Probably be my luck they'll ban cooking oil too.

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