The Lies Of Donald Trump..???????

    Please take the time to read this,you must read "trump the buffoon",It is no wonder he calls them fake media..i do like the facts that Snopes offers up,whether you like snopes or not,i think it is a very good article,,what do you say..???????..

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    4 Answers crap detector is always on when I watch the news, listen to Congress or our Supreme Court

    He's doing a fine job.



    I watch his lips moving and read his tweets. I'm pretty sure it's really Donald Trump. It looks like him and the tweets are signed by him, usual relative to what has just been talked about on the news. These are DAILY, sometimes hourly, events. I wonder if you get that much coverage in Australia. It would seem not to be the case. His stories (and that's what they are) change with each telling. Can I believe what he says? No! People who voted for him, simply don't want to admit....yet....that they've made a serious mistake.


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    Unless we are being lied to,he does seem to be doing okay..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Did you post this for me, ter? Me being the only (with the exception of one) liberal on here. Some article. The world is out to get him. Even so, I do not support the farm animal who grabs woman by their lady parts, who was the only candidate to promise no cuts in Medicaid (yet 22 million are to be without coverage), who has yet to produce his promised tax returns but who cares? I guess I just have a problem with being lied to. I'll look up the lies of donny and post them for you if you'll read them......

    terryfossil 1

    No JH,it was not just for you,it was more about how truth gets bent,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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