When was the earliest you lost friend?

    I'm not talking moved away. I'm asking what your first experience with death was.....


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     I think I was five. My stepdads' aunt had died and we went to the funeral home for the viewing. I didn't know what a funeral home was nor did I know we were going to see a dead body. I was afraid when I saw the body and to this very day, I will not sleep with my hands clasped across my chest.


     My best friend Linda died unexpectedly at the age of 39.  I miss her to bits.

    ....lost a friend in the 7th grade in a drowning accident 


    how tragic

    I had relatives pass away but the first friends were a pal in high school who died in a car accident, the other friend was my best friend who died at the age of 19 from cancer!It was horrible! Her name was Jennifer!


    when I was in high school, my best friend's sister, who was a track star in high school, tried to give herself an abortion with a coat hanger. she died. that was my first funeral in life.

    country bumpkin

    This is terrible.

    Lost my Dad when I was 7 years young, also a few good friends in their early teens through illness and motorcycle accidents, it gets worse as we all grow older, nobody lives forever.


    that's so sad. When my dad was 6 mos old, his father died :-(

    In grade 1 I lost my fiance' David Jones ... I think he died from polio related difficulties. I will never forget the mindlessness of the teacher when she came in the room that morning and said David would not be coming to school anymore because he was dead. Then she began the class.

    I was crushed. He was my first and maybe only love of my life .... he wore leg braces like Forrest Gump so when I saw that movie I wept like a small child during the scene where his [Forrest's] braces come flying off as he runs like the wind.... it reminded me so of David. R I P Davey.

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    Awwwww....what a sad experience for you at such a very young age. :(((

    It's so funny how serious we can be at that age too ... we were convinced that we should marry! So cute ... except the part where he passed... that was a bit heavy for a little kid.

    I know. I thought I was going to forever be with "my boyfriend" from Grade 3. We were 8 years old. :))

    Awwww shucks Ducky .... we were little bitty romantics! ;)

    I thought he was so cute. I run into him once in a while still. He is now about 76 and guess what? He's still cute! lol

    I once had a mate who later in life shot himself,he left behind a young boy and ex-wife..nuff said..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    When I was almost 4, my grandma, who was my best friend, died. She had lived in our upstairs finished attic. It was finished like an apartment with 2 small rooms and 1/2  bath.

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