What is your favorite piece of furniture that you own?

    Table? Chair? Desk? I personally like my bed at 6am......

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    I have a large wooden coffee table that I made myself many,many years ago.It weighs a ton & everybody loves it.

    My wife and I bought matching recliners 10 months ago and we love them. They recline electrically which is a big benefit for her because she always had trouble operating the manual ones. They also have storage compartments in each arm rest where we store our electronic charging devices. They have both electrical outlets and usb charging ports in the arm rests. They come with a removable swiveling  tray which you can put your laptop, food tray, etc. on. They are very comfortable, and when I broke my ribs in February, I slept in mine because I couldn't lie down in bed without being in pain.


    Sounds like they are a lifesaver as well!

    My uncle gave me a table, 20" × 36". It "accordians" out to a table that seats 12.

    I love my kitchen table which I just bought this year. it's black with black leather like chairs. it square and high. I had a glass table, but it broke, some body had given it to me. I love my coffee table which I bought at cost plus about 10 years ago. it's wood, the top is painted with a big flower type picture. I think it came from india. I love this table. I have a few beautiful lamps, which I love also.


    You're happy at home....

    jhharlan, I really am happy at home, one because I put things in my house that I consider beautiful. I love beauty in people places and things. (I think all people are beautiful in some way.) I like beautiful hotels, and even a cheap motel if it has a pretty lamp or something. I love green grass and flowers and trees. i'm pretty much a thankful soul and happy where ever i'm at. many years ago I was real sick. my sister came to see me in the hospital and asked me how could I be in such a good mood. she said if I was in your shoes i'd kill myself. I told her I still had the beauty of life.

    My favorite is my rocking chair. It has a design of 'fancy swirls' on the back and some other carvings on the arms and legs. The seat is made of a leather inset fastened by beautiful screw nails. It is well over 100 years old. Love it! I will also add that it is very comfortable to sit in!

    Computor chair,,$160 from Aldi,,,Officeworks had the same chair $190..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I love my kitchen table It's black with four black leather chairs and square shaped.

    Tractor seat! Could be an old steel pan seat on my 1935 John Deere B, or the multi directional, air ride seat in a new 7200 R

    terryfossil 1

    You know what would go well with that tractor seat good buddy..a thumbs up or down would be nice,,although a thumbs down would be devastating..all the best mate..i still remember the hard seat on my 1960 massey ferguson..3 cylinder diesel..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Now JDB, are you absolutely sure that a tractor seat is a piece of furniture? I think you should check with your wife. LOL!

    Ducky, I'm in that seat 14-16 hrs a day, sometimes longer if rain is coming. I consider it my easy chair a few months out of the year.

    I guess I can only say "enjoy". :)

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