Figuring out why I barely attract men?

    People say I look 15 when I am actually 21. Is this why I don't attract men that much? I am 5'4 and weigh 125 lbs.I don't go to clubs or bars. People say I have a baby face and I rarely get approached and hit on by men in public and I am usually always by myself. Only sometimes older men, with whom I have interacted with, will tell me I am beautiful. 

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    ....take your time and go for quality over quantity 

    When you meet the next man who may be of interest to you, try this. "Tell me about yourself. What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you like to travel? Have you ever done any kind of volunteer work? Do you partake in sports?" You'll have some idea about who this man is, assuming he answers these questions honestly.

    Remember at 21, you don't need to feel or act as though you are desperate!

    I thought young people today met using social media, the old way of meeting at discos and bars  seems to be obsolete. Where I live, discos are closing as are bars and pubs.

    The fact you avoid bars and clubs may be part of the issue, as many young adults do meet in those settings. If you have an interest in your faith, "the gym", volunteering for a cause, an interest in art, history, drama, etc., get involved in your church young adult group (or start one), take a night class, join a club or cause, and get into situations where you'll meet others. 

    Being attractive helps, as does a friendly smile, firm handshake, eye contact, and a genuine interest in someone else. You described your gift wrap, but not the gift inside.

    maybe you're too quiet or you look down too much and avoid eye contact. Go out with the older men that find you attractive. You might enjoy them.


    Be careful with older men, they often come with baggage such as kids, ex-wives and even (!) wives. By all means have some fun, but don't get too deeply involved or you may be disappointed.

    TU, nomdeplume, for some excellent advice

    Go for an older man, a cowboy, preferably. 1/4 of the requirements solved:"It's faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money"




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