Being black in America..

    I do not think i would want to be a black man or woman in America,,,opinions and comments people of  AKA..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<...      Image result for LeBron James photos

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    I admire those who are proud to be black or half or just a drop. It takes a lot to be who you are in America. Shoot, it takes a lot to be a liberal on this site! I saw a well dressed black man and exclaimed how nice that black man looked. Said that instead of just "man". Racism is a curse in this country and difficult to avoid in any manner, shape or form. I took the twenty question are you a racist test and failed. Racism is so easy. Shame on me and all the others. I'll try to find the test and will post it here. It is something to think about. Sure, it's rough being in America.....


    I passed that test with flyng colors

    ....opinion : treat others as you want to be treated

    I think racism is caused a lot these days because black people, mixed race, coloured people, muslim, are treated as special, above anyone just plain white. It is certainly the case here in the UK , if you are white and born here you have less rights. if you say anything that a person of another race finds offensive you can be locked up, even a very minor comment. But they can say anything they like about a white man or women, and it's ok.

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    Yeah Sunny,it is called reverse racism..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.

    Horrible situation. Absurd

    Would you like to be an aborigine in Australia?


    I believe Terry IS part aboriginal.
    terryfossil 1

    As Tommy said Clonge,i have Aboriginal blood in me,,and there are some stupid aborigines in this country,and some stupid whites in this country..i am not racist against colour,.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    My son has gang graffiti painted on the wooden fence of his modest home. It's tough being a working father of six. Where is the media!?

    After 8 years of a president who promoted racial disparity and condemnation of law enforcement, it's hard to simply BE in the United States, especially in California. California legislators and governor are putting forth new tax laws, the funds to pay for defense of illegals charged with crimes. Yes, public funds to defend illegal aliens. Then, he calls taxpayers "freeloaders" when we resist the insanity.

    Being "African American", "Mexican American", "Irish American", etc. instead of "American" is a problem. Set yourself apart, expect preferential treatment, and demand something you haven't earned? Yeah, that's a problem, too.

    Squeaky wheels can get the grease...or be replaced.

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    On the money Bob,dual passports should be done away with,and you become an American with Irish heritage,or Australian with Irish heritage.but first and foremost the country you choose to be your home,becomes your home first and foremost..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I'm also talking about US born. I don't call myself "Armenian American"; I'm an American of Armenian descent.
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    Exactly what i said Bob..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think it's tough being any race, anywhere if you are the minority, disadvantaged, and on the low economic latter.  humans love to look down on the weaker entity. it's a fact in most cultures around the world. now look at the rich black athlete, people knock doors down just to meet or be in there company of these rich black athletes.  it is still tough on the black man still trying to climb the latter, because so many rules have been put in place to hinder his/her progress. e.g. all the new voting rules put in place over last few years. over a million black people were not able to vote because of those new rules.  people voted against affirmative action for black and minority students, and over 300,000 black students have not been able to go to college in the united states.  but, black people continue to carry on and create music, art and everything else.  people in this country are trying to do better towards blacks,  and many are. so if everyone keeps treating everyone well and better, blacks and whites will feel great about each other, and we are already seeing it taking place in many sectors of this society. On the humorous side, I personally think racism will end when the ufo's come down and they really like black people more. racism will end over night. everybody will run out and get braids, a tan and adopt a black baby or homeless black man off the streets.


    In Detroit, if you're white, you're the minority
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    You gotta give up those mushrooms Tab..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Well it helps to be born with genetics and hormones that help in problem solving, whatever color or background you are. The only racism i see these days are blacks calling themselves and other blacks the "n" word. There is less racism these days, just look around and you see all the time white females married or dating black men. My niece is one of them.Evidently she likes that kind of culture.  I wont try changing her mind. Its rough in America whatever race you are. Then you end up in prison, because you cant conform to societies laws. 

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