What is your motto in life ?

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    As in my profile,"i believe anybody is capable of change",..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    "Ask and get"! A boss for whom I had great respect, suggested that people aim way too low and should not only aim higher in life, but to be confident enough to actually ASK for what they want. He said, "You'll be surprised how often you get a positive response and receive a "Sure, okay". The worst that can happen is that you receive a 'no'. I can tell you that "ask and get" has worked for me on a number of occasions. It still surprises me that he was right!


    Ask and ye shall receive

    a counselor on the radio said your chances are much better of getting something if you ask for it.

    'Do unto others'.....................................

    mycatsmom you would have them do unto you.



    ....LOL , only you Bump
    ....any spanking or pinching ?
    country bumpkin

    Tee hee hee!


    always remember that behind every cloud theres a bigger and blacker cloud,,

    "Don't Worry.  Be Happy."

    Don’t eat this: anything good…….



    Well yes, the lettuce and tomato. Fat food is good for you though , just not all the time. Your body needs it to survive .

    Everybody is born a liberal, only the gifted and talented overcome it. 


    I’ll never grow out of it….

    Some people genetically are not capable of being conservative. I do firmly believe hormones make up a persons way of life that causes them the decisions they make.

    Keep smiling.  

    Live long and prosper.

    Anything is possible.

    Life is like a card game. We all have to play the cards that we've been dealt. Some people get the good cards........some people get the bad cards.

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