007 has caught his last villian,but he entertained us while he was here..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..    Image result for sir roger moore died

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    ....a class act and actor

    ....God bless

    My second favourite Bond, great actor.

    RIP Sir Roger...


    terryfossil 1

    Sir Sean,Sir Roger and Sir Craig??????,can an American be knighted Roy..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    No, only British & Commonwealth citizens Terry, some Southern Irish can get an Honoury Knighthood.
    terryfossil 1

    AAHH, i have a bit of Irish heritage in me Roy,what chance of a Sir Terry cobber..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    You are part of the Commonwealth, you would get the full Knighthood.
    Can't see that happening anytime soon though ;)
    terryfossil 1

    Highly unlikely mate,Our Prime minister Bob Hawke banned them in the 70's i think,then prime minister Abbot brought them back in the 2000's,and then he gave the Duke (Phillip) an honorary Knighthood,which was part of the reason he got tossed out of power..At the moment the majority of Aussies support the Monarchy,but as more immigrants enter Aussie who have no idea of the history of Australia,i guess they want to write a new history that includes them instead of simply joining with our eventually we will become a republic,i know Tom wants a republic,not sure about Kent,which is kinda strange considering it is the older population of Aussies that keep us with the Monarchy,>>>>>>><<<<<<<.

    He was my least favourite Bond but I liked him as an actor.

    Another good one gone.


    terryfossil 1

    I had Roger as the next best after Sean.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..And none better than the original..Sean done 6 james bonds and roger done order Sean,Roger and Craig...
    country bumpkin

    Sean Connery is my all time fave.

    Wow, another crush gone. Always loved him and his movies, Bond or whatever. Made quite the impression on my life. Romantic. 89 is a good age if ever there is one. Bless him and the messages he conveyed.....


    I bet you liked his posh English accent Julie.

    Rest in peace,  Mr. Moore. 

    R.I.P. Sir Roger, undoubtedly the best James Bond.

    Another true gent past on.

    he was good, but there is no James Bond but Sean Connery 


    Yes he had a posh Scottish accent.

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