When was the last time you apologized? Actually said you were sorry?

    Was it rough or did it take a lot of gall? Did you feel better?

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    country bumpkin

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    This sounds like a recycled question, but, if it's never been asked, I apologize.

    5 Answers has been a long time. Probably, at work, after a mistake or misunderstanding .

    terryfossil 1

    Your a little angel aint you Benny.???.:):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It is never hard to apologize when you are wrong,sometimes embarrassing,but not hard..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    when i'm in a store and somebody bumps into me, they usually say, i'm sorry. I usually say, i'm sorry too.  I try to think before I speak and/or act so I don't hurt others, so I don't say i'm sorry too often.  however, when I really deep down really have to tell somebody off, no sorry is coming, because I really mean what I said, and you really need to hear it for your own good and for my own good. no sorry.

    Two nights ago, there was a miscommunication for which I apologized needlessly, to maintain peace.

    I'm sorrrrry.

    terryfossil 1

    We know mate,but what are you sorry for..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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