What habit are you proudest of breaking or want to break ?

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    Smoking, after 48 years I finally did it, 15 months and counting.

    There are also one or two "habits" that are "broken", not by choice, I think it's an age health thingy:(


    ....Yippy !
    terryfossil 1

    15 months mate,,your way over the hump,,should be all downhill now,once you get over not wanting a fag after breakfast or a beer your in open wind..however should you need a fag,drop me a line and i will talk you out of it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Smoking and nail biting are two habits I'm long past. 

    Well, I'm not interested in quitting smoking. Sorry. But I have managed to stop biting my nails and keep them up. Took me 45 years or so. My older sister still bites hers.....


    You are an intelligent human being. Why are you not interested in quitting smoking? You can die from it and you stink from it. You are concerned about neither?

    Nope. And anybody who knows me knows I smoke. I'm a package.

    Have you actually witnessed anyone in the hospital, dying from a tobacco related illness?

    My mother. Had the left hand lower lobe removed from her lungs....

    That is sad in so many ways. :(

    I quit smoking 40 years ago. At the time, there wasn't as much known it seems, regarding death from smoking. I've seen more than my share of people dying from a habit they were encouraged (even begged) to stop. It is hard to watch and I'm sure, even worse to experience. I am blessed for sure.


    Alcoholism was not really a habit,but a good one to lose,but giving up the fags was a good habit to lose..over 30 years since a drink or a fag,and i do not miss either one..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I quit smoking when I was 30. I had smoked for 16 years.

    Mine is smoking, I stopped on 12th Sept 2001, that was the day I had a Subarachnoid haemorrhage ( bleed on the brain stem). Never smoked since. But, I often have dreams that I am smoking, and really enjoying it, I am puffing away on a hand maid rollie, that's strange because I can't stand the smell if someone smokes near me now.



    When I first quit, I used to wake up angry with myself, after dreaming that I had started again. :)

    Yes that's strange Ducky, I usually wake up startled after a smoking dream, as you say thinking I had started again.

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