Whast is the nicest thing that you ever did for a stranger?

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    ....bought appliances, paid utility bills, new clothes, dr./dental care, paid for college courses one knew, except God, where it came from



    Just like I did for my ex-wife. "It" came from outer space!

    Ben, did you do this for your kids ? It sounds like what my late husband did for his daughter and her husb and kids.

    ....for others I don't even know,nor do they know me

    Returned a purse to a lady that I found on the road. 

    Gave more than just a buck.....

    at the recycling center, a woman who was with her mother was searching thru the paper recycling ; her mother said she ( the woman ) was looking for coupons. They looked like they had seen better days, so I gave her $ 40.   No, I am not rich.

     One time when the senior group that i was with toured the state capital, there was an old lady on the trip who said her knees hurt so bad. So, I searched and asked everyone in the building if they could come up with a wheel chair. Finally someone did. So I put that lady in the w /ch and caught  up with our group and we got  the whole tour .

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