What is the nicest thing that a stranger ever did for you?

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    This happened 30 years ago, i was going to fill the car up when i ran out of petrol, the trouble was i had my very young daughter with me, this was before mobile ( cell) phones. i gabbed her out of the baby seat grabbed a petrol can and started walking, soon a car stopped and asked what was wrong, i told him and he grabbed the can, not long after he came back with the can full, he wanted no money for the petrol and drove off, i noticed he had an inter state plates (Victoria), a true Samaritan, i payed it forward when ever i see someone has ran out of petrol ---- I had a go at my wife when i got home, why she did not have enough fuel in the car, she said it is half full and then proceed to show me, she pointed to the temp gauge, i had never laughed so much, she could not see the funny side of it.  :)


    The only thing that might have been funnier was if she pointed to the radio, saw it was set at 100 FM and thought it was 100% full!

    bullet, you should have checked the gas gauge when you started out and filled it up .

    I agree mycatsmom, normally there was plenty of fuel, i should not have taken it for granted.

    The latest one was just 2 days ago,brings to mind.(what goes around comes around),Venny and Me were on a train entering Paris,and the couple sitting opposite us got up to leave and he left his lap top cord still plugged in,so i grabbed it an him and gave it to him,,as we stepped of the train with our luggage,a bloke tapped me on the shoulder and handed me my coat i had left on my seat..then the train pulled out,,it has been under 5 degrees in paris,glad i have my coat..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....fixed a flat tire for my wife

    terryfossil 1

    I thought the question was what a stranger did for you,not what a stranger did for your wife Benny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    .... I feel like "we are one"
    terryfossil 1

    AAHH,you mean "feel the force Obi-Wan",,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....have you been visiting with Fish-O ?
    terryfossil 1

    Not a chance Benny,visiting rights between me and her got torpedoed quite awhile ago .but it is okay,we both kinda agreed to it.we could not seem to find anything we had in common..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....sorry, Fish frequently uses Obi-Wan on me
    terryfossil 1

    No Ben,i am sorry i mentioned it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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