Which kind of parties do you prefer, indoors or outdoors?

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    I am not picky. I will celebrate with you indoors or outdoors. Let us celebrate!



    Skinny dipping?

    ....chips and dips

    Outdoors; we had yesterday's family Easter at the lanai where I live. There's plenty of places to hide 200 eggs, spread out and let the kids play. 

    Only party to have is a Barby outdoors on Australia Day or any other day..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for australian barbecue photos


    Our northern hemisphere cousins don't know what they are missing Terry. :)


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    Bigfoot meets Nessy. I like that

    I like outdoor parties. in the summer! My house is too small for much company! LOL


    I don't get invited to any. No body knows me anymore. But I like throwing parties in my yard. I go all out.......


    I make eclectic list and then sell the invitation hard core. Have friends invite friends. Post invitations at the local convenient store. It's always worked. 50+ people have shown. Stranger in a crowd. It always worked. If only I would get invited to one of MY parties.....

    Definitely outdoors, just ask my sister & brother in law, their first time to Australia last Christmas, they really enjoyed the 40c on Christmas day having the traditional Barby except for the flies, they have never seen so many.   :)


    40C.....waaaaaaay too hot! :(

    What kinds of flies? Biting kinds? :(

    We don't have those biting flies in South Australia only the annoying, sticking flies, tropical strength fly spray keeps them at bay but don't spray on food.

    both, but it's chancey to have an outdoor wedding,especially if you don't have an alternative site for when it storms. My bro and his wife planned an outdoor wedding back in  ' 68 on the banks of the Red Cedar River on the campus of MSU in Mich. and it rained hard.,so they had it in the alumni memorial chapel nearby the river.

    Their son and his wife had an outdoor wedding in a nature preserve near Sarasota. And luckily it didn't storm till after the ceremony. It was a bad, heavy  rain, lightening  and thunder storm 

    I like both, but I don't like too much sun, so inside is great for me.

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