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    Hey guys,allow me to brag for a second,if only we were on Skype,i could pick up my laptop and poke it out the window,and from the 3rd floor looking straight down on Bato Buses on the seine river and then straight up into Notre Dame,and the photo is my view,best part of the holiday so far,wish you were here guys..and i still got about 5 weeks to go..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for notre dame photos

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    Looks great. Enjoy the "now" and try not to think of "the last". Health and finances tend to slow us down, for sure.

    Good view from my hopefully new job, I'm stationed roughly bottom right somewhere...


    Can't see Esmerelda in your pic, maybe the bells the bells scared her off.

    Great to hear you are enjoying your tour neebs!


    When will you know?
    terryfossil 1

    Good to hear mate,i would have thought retirement was right up your ally,however keep going for as long as you want or can,the older you get the less they will want you,,BTW what is a neebs???.i hope you are being nice,Scotland is a long way for me to come talk to you..:):):)..

    Neebs is short for neebur (neighbour), it's Scottish slang meaning "friend" Terry.
    @Ducky, I had a full week of training courses last week, couple of days this week Wed & Thu and Mon Tue next week, should know soon after that as long as I pass security clearance which shouldn't be a problem hopefully.

    Yay ROMOS!!!!
    terryfossil 1

    Gotcha oh Kilted one..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    way to fly, Dude

     Looks beautiful!

    terryfossil 1

    This may be our last vacation CB,health and finances are getting in the way..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..
    country bumpkin

    Sucks getting old.

    What's a vacation ?
    country bumpkin

    Look up the word, "vacation" in the dictionary MCM.

    Wow. Just oh wow! Incredible. I can only imagine. What a vacation! With memories to boot!

    Glad to hear you are having an incredible holiday,Terry, a lot more Aussies should be doing it.  :)

    terryfossil 1

    I have already bumped into 2 Aussies over here Kent,what are the chances of that,a lot of french people say "oh i would like to go to Australia but it is so far away",,and i say,same for me to come here..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    Tres bon !

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