12 hours in Rome, Italy. Not a minute more. What would have on your must see/must do list?

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    ....Sistine Chapel 

    Go to the dome in St. Peter's Basilica and don't forget your camera !!

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    if I was with you find a good bowling ally,and see the leaning tower,,


    Brill baby!

    She TRIED tried to convert a spare from in front of the tower. That's the outcome. She couldn't knock it over. Also, the tower is in Pisa.

    What Terry said, the Colosseum is awesome, if you're eating out go for the places the Italians eat, the tourist restaurants are a rip-off.

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    and the statues of naked men and women go on forever Roy Boy.:):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Next trip to Europe you must include Kirkcaldy mate, no Colosseum, but you will have the KOTF & QOTF.

    I forgot that Country Bumpkin is now QOTF. Did we ever have an official ceremony for her? lol

    When I googled "What to see in Rome", there were all kinds of interesting sites. Sorry, never been so I wouldn't really know what to tell you.

    The fountain of Trevi, the Sistine Chapel., St Peter's Basilica .


    Good ideas!

    This was a great sight to see Bob,or one of them..<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..Image result for colosseum in rome photos


    It is incredible, Terry. I visited Rome many years ago, and remember all the places suggested. I hope my traveling companion is willing to go off the beaten tourist path.

    G'day   MsBob, i was there in 2000, magnificent attractions,and the Italians amazingly friendly, did you visit the Vatican as it is worth seeing, even if you are an Anglican like me.

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    We done the vatican in 2013 Kent,wall to wall people,not a good place to be for a person who likes space..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Trevi Fountain, Sistine Chapel, wonderful places . Colosseum if you have time. And as Roy said if you have a meal go to the little restaurants in the back streets, and have some of the food that mama makes, and they are excellant value .


    Hi SunnyB ! Long time no type! ;)

    Hi lindilou, I've had a bit of a busy time lately, always good to talk/type with you folks.

    For a woman, shops, shops and shops.


    I thought you would have a real answer.

    No chance of that.
    country bumpkin

    Comment from nom moved here.

    Pesonally I would miss the standard tourist sites which you can see on DVD without queuing. Try googling alternative Rome and you will see things like a vegan cat cafe and a 2,000 year old pyramid.
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    You can google just about anything in the world Nom,but it will never replace actually being can show all the good shots and put their own slant on them,,when you see things with your own eyes,only you can put a slant on what you see..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Listen to the group. Takes less than 4 minutes! 

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