When is a person drunk ?

    is it when they're five sheets to the wind, or when their eyes are blurry or unfocused, and their speech is slurred, or when they're like that, are they only ''showing their liquor'' or " feeling their liquor " ? and my dad, after 4 or 5 drinks, he'd get argumentive and his eyes didn't look like himself. Is that drunk ? 

     I don't know. Is it subjective or is their some criteria or cut off line when you say a person is drunk?. Is it only when they're falling down drunk or violent, or what ? I've heard people that they're drunk. What do they and you  consider drunk......when they have trouble walking or thinking ? or when they slur their speech ? My  girl  friend was definitely under the influence the other night when I was trying to hang out with her. And she was getting maudlin saying she loves me " better than sh*t " and I'm her "BFF ''  and she told my sig other that she loved him too. Ha ha. 

       Most of the time she's sober, but she said she drank the other day b/ c she didn't have anything to do and nobody to talk to until the evening.

    Addendum :  her speech was slurred, and her eyes looked unfocused.

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    When the personality changes, s/he is drunk!

    Where I come from 3 sheets to the wind is drunk!  You know the law .08 is drunk in Michigan!  Some people can be impaired after one drink!  Your friend however sounded pretty drunk! When you start loving everyone you are drunk!


    When they no longer have full control of their faculties..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 


    Just one over your limit!


    LMBO . Angie wasn't doing that yet !

    ....on pride, alcohol, power, greed or ego ?

    ....there are many drunks in our world.

    .08% BA is legally drunk. Up to that, it's various stages of inebriation  

    When someone becomes another person, changes.... 


    You all gave great answers and help me to see the situation more clearly . Wish you could have been here when I lived at home and tried to figure out if my dad was drunk ......or just showing his alcohol, or '' feeling his liquor ''

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