math is important of life

    any exam math problam 

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    ....especially figuring interest

    Thinking your way through mathematics helps you to learn to actually "think". You may find that quite helpful, as you get older. More thinking....fewer mistakes along the way. I wish I had taken more math classes!     :)


    you know Ducky me too. However, I kind of saw everything as math, and everything as political in a way. but it looks like people prefer to react rather than think. I believe 'reality shows' helped facilitate this trend, to just act and over react to people, places, and things.

    Maybe that's my problem....too much reality TV. Too late now though. I'm hooked. hah!

    math is so important in life. if we look at it, almost everything is broken down mathematically. one of the most surprising things to me is that there is math science to analyzing beauty, e.g.  (how far the eyes are apart; how big the lips are compared to the nose; how high the forehead is from the eyebrows, etc.) who would have thought?  so if your lips are 5 inches below your nose, some would say you're not beautiful. that's one reason plastic surgery is so popular, trying to get the math right, on one's face.

    I hate " story problems " or word problems.......and algebra. They don't make any sense. Why would you multiply letters ? They have no value.

    Where are our resident mathematicians.......Chellyanne and PKB/ BOB  ? 

    Maths is important.but i could never understand numbers,but over the years i have managed to find short cuts to working numbers,i still do not know the 12 times table,but over the years and different jobs,i have learnt tricks to working with numbers..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    wish you could have been here and imparted those tricks to me in math class.....especially algebra.
    terryfossil 1

    No need MCM,,with phones and calculators around these days,there is no need of tricks and shortcuts..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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