Do you have daylight saving time in your country ? What is the purpose of it ?

    I guess this is a two-fold question .

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    Thanks, Terry

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    Some states of Aussie have daylight saving,but not in Queensland and the other states keep pushing for us to change,and every now and again we will have a referendum,and we end up voting now we wait a few years and the southerners will ask us to change again,and we will vote again..eventually as more southerners move to Queensland they will eventually get their way..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..   


    They didn't leave it up to our individual states. They made it mandatory for the whole U.S. years ago. I don't know what it's for , but I know that when business or government does anything, it's got something to do with money. Isn't that what makes the world go 'round ?

    MCM, Daylight Savings Time is not mandatory. As Clu pointed out in her answer to your question, Arizona and Hawaii ignore DST.
    Did you even bother to read her answer?

    We have it and you can ask anyone what the purpose is and no one can answer that question. I think Benthere is's for golf.   :)

    Not popular with the housewives here in Queensland.All that extra sunshine makes the curtains fade too fast.


    BTW, That was a joke Julie.
    country bumpkin

    Roy hung new curtains in the bedroom last week.. I saw the sun shining through them this morning and now I'm curious to how long it will take before they start fading. :((

    I knew you would enjoy that one CB.Tell Roy to leave his curtains open.LOL

    Daylight saving time was introduced a little over 100 years ago in Canada, and it's purpose was to save energy used in artificial lighting.


    So, not for golf? :)

    2nd best answer, Flip.

    ....yes, we do. was for agriculture now, it seems it is for golf


    Then it must be a great idea!

    Arizona is the only state in USA and Hawaii who do not save daylight It was supposed to save energy. However my neighbors who have dairy cows said Cows don't have watches!


    clu, I was thinking that the day we turned our clocks forward that the cows won't be milked on time ; and when that happens, their bladder gets full making them very uncomfortable.

    Yup, I'm right below ya MCM. Indiana joined us a couple years ago.


    really ? I thought it was right across the board.

    My state participates in DST. I appreciate the later daylight hours, but have no clue as to its purpose.

    terryfossil 1

    It is all about money Bob,at least it is in Aussie,so i would assume it is the same world wide.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Saves energy and makes better use of daylight. First place used, Thunder Bay, Canada, 1908.

    Yes we have daylight saving time in he UK. They tried leaving it as summer time back in the early 70s , but it was dark in the mornings until past 9am, it was dangerous for children going to school. At the time I was working on building sites, and we had to wait until past 9 15am to start work, as there were no lights on sites  in those days, there's not these days either, things haven't changed much. The only things which have changed are rules and regulations about wearing high vis coats, hats, goggles, boots, oh and parking about 1 mile away from site, so that you have to carry your tools further, that's called progress apparently .

    terryfossil 1

    G'day Sunny,your so called progress in the UK is the same in Aussie,,it is all crap..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I love daylight time, because I like to walk in the evening.


    it's not safe around here to walk in the evening.

    mycatsmom I get back home home before dark. if dark I will walk through a mall. we do have to be careful, since so many people are mad or have a problem with something or somebody and will take out on even a stranger.

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