Let's have a book discussion. Did anyone read " The Glass House " ?

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    No, I've not read that. I did read "Jean and Johnny", by Beverly Cleary, recently. I've been weeding out books. This one is a sweet, innocent story of a girl's first crush. 

    This gentleman's book was the last book I read. I actually met him once

    Maurice W. Graham

    Page issues
    King of the Hoboes

    "Steam Train Maury" Graham (June 3, 1917 – November 18, 2006) was best known as five-time holder of the title "King of the Hobos", and was later known as "Patriarch of the Hobos". Born to a broken home in Ohio, he was shunted from father to mother to aunt to married siblings. In 1931, at the age of 14, Graham began riding the rails as a hobo during the Great Depression. He settled in Toledo, Ohio with his wife Wanda in the late 1930s, and worked as a cement mason and founded a trade school for masons. During World War II, he served in the military as a medical technician. In 1969 he returned to the hobo life for another eleven years, finally retiring in 1980.

    Maury Graham adopted the nickname "Steam Train" in 1969, when the "Golden Spike Special" steam train came through Ohio, returning home from the 100th anniversary of the completion of the first US transcontinental railroad. He was one of the founding members of the National Hobo Foundation. He also helped established the Hobo Museum in Britt, Iowa.

    Mr. Maurice Graham died due to complications from stroke at the Northcrest Nursing Home in Napoleon, Ohio. He was 89.


    Been busy?

    Yes and kinda no Ducky. Now a friend of mine and I are getting ready to do drive ways. He hauls stone, I use my small tractor to finish.

    Bizzy guy! :)

    No but, I just finishes MYSTIC RIVER. Great story....


    what was it about ?

    Sorry MCM,the only book i will read is a cricket score sheet..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I am reading "The Gift" by Danielle Steel. I know, I know. Everyone stop laughing at me.


    Yep. And I'm pretty sure I know what 'the gift' is.

    Nothing wrong with that. My next must read is "Stuart Little".
    country bumpkin

    "The Shack" was a great book IMO. My grandfather told me last week that it has been made into a movie.

    @Bob....Some people think that Danielle Steel writes mindless drivel. That's what I like about her books. I don't have to think! :)
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Duck,there is an Australian movie out there called :The Gift,it is a thriller movie,so maybe not your book...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Oh yikes!!! Definitely not my book but if it comes here, I'll go to see it. Love movies that scare me to books with happy Hollywood endings. :)
    country bumpkin

    I watched the link you provided, Terry. I jumped when the glass shattered.! LOL

    Sometimes, mindless drivel is more than enough.
    She's wildly successful, which must mean there are a lot of us who don't have to be intellectually, spiritually, or otherwise stimulated by our reading material.

    Always the happy ending too, which all too often, doesn't happen in real life.

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