should I give my cats flea treatment all year 'round ?

    they were doing so well on the new flea treatment that I started last fall, that I wonder if I have to do one for Jan, Feb, and March. I will def start up again when it gets warm........if it ever does. Most cat owners have had fleas in the house at one time or another. PLus, they say fleas die after the first frost.

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    95% of the fleas eggs will live in the environment and not on your pet. De-flea all year round even when it is cold, cause as soon as you put the central heating on the eggs will hatch and you will have an endless cycle of fleas.


    good to know they can survive in the house all year round, b/c that answers my question. T Y.

    Yes .... all year round ....

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    cute . LOL

    ....yes, fleas don't take a vacation 

    Only if you do not want fleas on your cat all year round MCM..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..  Image result for funny flea photos

    Yes we flea our cats about every six weeks. We use a spot on liquid, you just squeeze it from a little syringe onto the back of their neck.


    My cat flees too, but she always comes back.

    that's where I put flea tx .

    Flea killing juice is so expensive we don't use it in the winter with no problem til the temperature rises. We treated the cats a week ago. Damn raccoon shared his.....

    terryfossil 1

    Put it on the raccoon too..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    YOU catch it. I couldn't even broom it......

    I swear I've gotten fleas from the geese outside my apt that were on my patio, at the first apt I ever had.

    did your cats get cozy or tangle with the raccoon ?

    It is imperative of you to regularly spray the places where your cat rests and sleeps, this applies to dogs also. Take heed!

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