How Gullible are people..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Who would even believe a Koala Bear even eats blood,,they only eat Gum leaves and sleep all day..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..;oid=101824923181156392444&amp;authkey=CM6LnLj8w63Tbw  .........And here is the real answer..

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    Extremely. I'm sometimes amazed at the ridiculous rumors that people pass on to others (as fact) and how the information gets swallowed hook, line and sinker by otherwise smart humans. I've even seen it happen here, on aka and watched people disappear because of it. I haven't figured out yet, what satisfaction the "rumor spreaders" get out of it or how it feels to 'win' the game they are playing, but it happens all over the internet. Too much time on their hands? 

    Similar to the drop horse haggis, which can also be extremely vicious if cornered.


    Or the Hoop Snake or even the Marsupial Lion.
    BTW, I have evidence that Trump is a Muslim.
    terryfossil 1

    Really Nom,i believe you,tell me more..
    terryfossil 1

    The drop bear used to be an advertisment for bundaberg rum using a polar bear..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    horse's droppings can be vicious ?

    ....very, look at Las Vegas.

    people are very gullible if things are presenting in a way that is acceptable to them.

    Fortunately, few people were gullible enough to vote for Trump.

    terryfossil 1

    He is not my President Nom.but i reckon he might bring a reality check to a lot of Americans.he might not have the sauve look and glib tongue of Obama,instead he might actually get something done,after all there is no doubt he is an American unlike the other guy..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    the majority voted for Trump

    terryfossil, Trump is not an American as he is not a native Indian any more than you are an Australian as you are not an aborigine.
    terryfossil 1

    AAAHHH but i am part Aborigine Nom,,My father was part Aborigine from North Queensland country,,his father was Irish and his mother was Aborigine..and i am 150% Aussie,,just like Trump is 150% American....>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    No, MCM, he did NOT win the popular vote. He lost by 3 million.
    country bumpkin

    Nom answer meant as a comment moved to here.

    Sorry, terryfossil for my mistake. I have the greatest respect for aborigines as I worked for a time in an aboriginal medical clinic.

    Terryfossil comment to Nomdeplume moved to here.

    No worries Nom,i aint gonna point the death stick at ya..All that are born to this land Nom,are dinky di.and all that are born to this land should defend to the end,and i do not care if they are black or white or any other colour,as long as they like this country more than any cannot have a foot in each camp..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Gullible?  Tell me, who posted that Manson was dead? I do no buy the bear crap. It's the vegetarian shrew that eats more than its weight. I believe....

    Gullible's Travels 

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