Who do you think killed Jon Benet ' ? The mother, the father, the 9 -year old boy , an intruder from the outside ? Who do you think wrote the ransom note ?

    This past Christmas ( 2016) was the 20th year anniversary of that dear child's death   :'-( 

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    I've no clue. Furthermore, I've lost interest anymore. Oh, I care but there are so many unsolved killings like the 25 years old Yogurt Shop murders. So many. All I can do is hope murders are solved in my lifetime. There will be more, maybe not of celebrity status but important to somebody......


    It seems like every week, you read about some parent who killed his / her child :'-(

    The crime scene was contaminated from the first hour. We'll probably never know.

    20 years later MCM,nobody has a clue,but everybody thinks they know,,this is certainly better off left to the cops,,us gumshoe beginners would only muddy the waters and create rumours,,main point is nobody knows..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    I guess you're right, Terry .

    I don't know, but I'll be happy when they figure it out. she's on the cover of a magazine every other week. now I refuse to read the stories until they say,  "yes, we figured it out."

    It was a creeper from the exploiting 'beauty' pageant circle... a feind of the pageant family so to speak ... and when they finally prove it that creep will likely be about 95 years old or dead. This was bad police work and really bad safety practices.... why was that basement window not barred or locked? The whole event sucks and hopefully someone has learned something from this preventable tragedy... sexualize-ing little girls in beauty pageants is a form of deviance as far as I am concerned ... as 'cute' as it seems. Perverts ....


    sounds logical

    I agree about this "beauty pageant thing" for little babies and children. Odd isn't it, that the mothers always say, "My daughter chooses to do this and just loves it"! Really? Your daughter is three!!! ICK!


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