The pendulum on my Flying Scotsman clock has stopped swinging. Any suggestions, as I am hesitant about fiddling with it?

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    There are some great tips here on how to set that pendulum>>>

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    Maybe some help here..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..    Cuckoo Clock 8-day-movement Chalet-Style 45cm by August Schwer

    maybe the weight has hit the floor. I have a floor clock that'a over 6 ft. tall with a pendulum and weights; adn I know that if the weights hit the floor, the clock would stop and the pendulum would stop swinging .


    That's on the list to get a grandfather clock.

    I'm selling mine for $ 900. It was made in 1937 and it was brought over here ( to the U.S. ) by my grandma from the Black Forests of Germany ( Bavaria ) in 1937. She brought two coo coo clocks with her too. I've still got one.

    I would love to look at it but Cathie is at Menard's buying a tankless water heater as I type this.

    Shovel some more coal into the boiler.

    I don't have cuckoo clocks, but I do have several antique mantle clocks and I've learned that they do have to be plumb and level to run. So first I would make sure it's plumb , square, and level with the world. Some are alot more finicky than others. I do take my Mantle clocks apart and clean and oil on occasion. But if your not familiar with the workings its probably best to take it to a clock technician. I learned by trial and error... And yes i do have some that will probably never run again thanks to the Oh crap factor..

    country bumpkin

    Crap factor! LOL

    ....please, take it to a professional.

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