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    My Mother in Law is building on to my house. We want to make sure her other children will not file squatter rights after ten years. We have a written agreement that if she lives here 15 years we pay her estate nothing. But if she should dies, for each year she is here 10,000.00 is deducted. What will stop her other children from claiming squatter rights after 10 years of us taking care of her in her golden years??

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    This sounds verrry complicated!

    I think, too, it's very complicated

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    ....please, see an attorney.


    best advice

    In hindsight ... DON"T DO THIS!

    Like benthere advises SEE A LAWYER... there should be an attachment to the agreement locking out ALL other claims by anyone ever. In order to claim squatter's rights a person[s] must be living continuously for a given amount of time unfettered but if she is the sole occupant then ...???

    Yeh, see a lawyer and add an attachment to the original agreement and make muminlaw sign up for that as well. Communicating exactly what you desire is key!

    I don't want to know why you owe her estate .... that is another ball o' wax ....

    T.Large, you never know what's going to happen. Maybe you or your spouse will go first. Or maybe some of her siblings will. My brother's wife already lost   her  3 siblings. She came from a family of 4 kids. 

    Thanks, I'm going to see a lawyer....


    that's the best approach

    Way to go!

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