If you find the question worth your time to answer, why dont you give the question a TU?

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    If the question comes from a regular member of this site and I answer it, I will always give the questioner a TU, common courtesy!

    PS, sometimes I forget, but "someone" always reminds me.

    country bumpkin

    Who would this be! :)

    Great point! I've noticed the same thing. Sometimes a question will have 12 responses yet the questioner gets only a couple of TUs. I've also been tempted to ask this....glad you did and here's a TU for 'ya!     :)

    What a koinkydink.  Roy and I were discussing this same topic earlier today.  Example: Julie received seven answers to one of her recent questions, but she only has one vote.


    BTW- koinkydink is a really awesome word!
    country bumpkin

    LOL... We were discussing if it should start with a k or a c. Coincidence is spelt with a C, but Koinkydink or Koinky-dink seems to fit. I have looked it up on the internet and there are a few variations. :)


    I will always give a TU to a question from the regulars as i have also wondered why the number of TU do not match the number of answers,if i have them left,and sometimes i give them to a newby who just pops in with a fair question or answer..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    If I say any thing I usually give a TU to the question, however if it is four or five years old I don't think it is necessary.

    ....sometimes, I forget


    And, most of the time?
    : )

    Uh oh, something's missing so I can't lol.... :(

    i did not get were I am today by forgetting,,

    And now the deletion has returned. Stop confusing me!

    I just forget.It's that simple. So..sue me!


    PS...Everyone on this thread just got a TU. :)

    FFS, thanks mate.

    I'm calling my lawyer right now!!

    If i have enough, all reg's get a thumbs up.   :)

    As I have stated on numerous occasions, I am not a fan of the karma system and that I give TU's to questions that inspire thought and interest, and also to answers that I feel are good ones. Haven said that, I see I am in the minority here, and will hereafter give TU's to every question and answer in each one I respond too (as long as I have TU to give).


    I prefer you to give your priceless (without value) karma as you have, for answers you appreciate. My question was only for questions we take the time to answer.
    I don't give a TU for answers that skirt the issue, for example, or those that rubbed me the wrong way.

    I try to but, yes I do forget.. 

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