How long do you wait for someone with whom you've made plans to meet?

    Yes, it depends on why you're meeting, so elaborate on that and give your answer and thought.

    Me- 10 minutes for most things. If I don't see you or get a text or call, date is off. 

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    I am almost always on time and more often than not, ahead of schedule. My friends and associates are aware of that and are punctual as well. If someone is not 'here' and it's ten minutes past our meeting time, buh bye. I assume they have forgotten and the onus is on them now, to contact me. I have only one friend who might be late and she is known by all as "Miss Last Minute".


    My siblings operates on "Maggie time". This is anywhere from half an hour to 45 minutes after "real time".


    Not any more!

    It is my friend's one fault. I can easily overlook it after all these years as she overlooks (several of) mine.

    My sister burned the rickety bridge of our "friendship".

    5 Minutes then give 'em the flick. If it's at all important to them they will call you. Punctuallity is so very important to me.

    ....depends on the situation and communication 

    ....retirement helps my patience 

    I'm like a dog ... I will sit and wait until something happens... like a car goes by and I need to chase it! LoL

    Image result for waiting dog jokes



    wag wag wag .... grinnnn!

    Pet pet pet.....

    That dog's "smile" is priceless

    My wife and I are always on time however, she is from an ethnic culture that make it a habit to always be late. They call it "Filipino time" which is usually about an hour late. It upsets me to no end, but to keep peace, I keep my mouth shut (most of the time).  


    You MUST be a saint to have that much patience even knowing "the drill"!

    Depends  if I have the time I can wait. Beer helps pass the time too.


    If you're drunk when they arrive, that's THEIR fault! lol

    That's right Ducky. By then I don't care...;)

    The later the better! :)

    I love this question! mainly because I have a thing about time, particularly wasting other people's time, which seems totally disrespectful to me.  I try to be on time when an agreed time has been set.  I don't like to over stay my time and feel like i'm taking advantage of the situation if I stay way longer than an appropriate time. I do know that drunk people don't care that much about time, even tho they will use all your time up . . . if you let them. when I was single and had lots of single friends I saw a few people cancel dates without letting the date know. we call it 'standing up' the date.  it happened to me once too. I think the date said couldn't find keys or something witty like that. but did not call. from that I developed a rule that the only excuse I would accept for a no show date, was a car accident, and when I see them again, they must have on a cast, somewhere on their body. But to answer your question, it depends on what the meeting is for and who it is with. i'll wait a full day for the Trump people.

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